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Where do I even begin? Starting a blog is something that has been on my mind for a few years now but I was never quite sure where to start or what to write about, or worse, would anyone care? But here we are. Life has thrown Lucas and I some curveballs and if my stories can help one single person then I will feel accomplished.

Here’s a little more about me/us for those of you who I haven’t met. Lucas and I have been married for two years and together for six. We met by chance through mutual friends and a few months later, “we knew”.  We live in a small town in East Tennessee where I’m a hairstylist and manage a boutique and Lucas is a millwright and I’m still not quite sure what that means 😂. We love hiking, camping, antiquing and going on unplanned adventures.

We just sold our home “in the city” for a quaint little farm house on two acres. For a while we were dreaming and talking about what life would be like when we found some land and could grow our own veggies and have farm fresh eggs. That dream is now a reality as of this week!  We have already reserved a Great Pyrenees puppy and been to a goat farm to plan for the spring. My hope is to learn basic homesteading and share with you all the things we do, right or wrong, haha.

We are also on a journey to grow our family and have been trying to conceive for close to two years. That’s a long story for another time but talking about our struggles is weirdly healing for me. And the more people we have praying for us, the better, right?


Thanks for joining us!