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For a while now, Lucas and I have wanted to live a healthier and more eco friendly lifestyle.  It seems simple just thinking about it, but once you consider how much waste and plastic is in your life, it is a little harder than you imagine. Once we moved to the farm we decided it was now or never.

So where do you start? Well, we are still trying to figure it out but I will share with you the few changes we have made and the ones we want to make soon.

    1. Composting. But you don’t have a big yard or area to do it in you say? Ours is currently in a storage container we had left over from moving. I feel much better about the amount of “trash” we have once we have composted everything we can. We have much less food waste and whatever is left over I know is going to help our gardening ventures later on.  What do we compost? Brown paper (trader joes bags), coffee grounds and tea bags, grass and yard clippings and cut flowers from the house, egg shells, left over fruit and veggies. DO NOT compost any meat or dairy.  You will need to add a little soil and spritz with water occasionally and stir it around so it mixes and breaks down well.
    2. Eco friendly products. Again, you have to start small. We purchased some bamboo toothbrushes from Amazon. Check them out HERE  For less than $15 you get 4 brushes which are so soft but work amazing. I love how simple and cute they are too. And the cardboard case they come in, well it went straight into my compost as will the toothbrushes once we are done. How cool is that?
    3. Another sustainable product that was an easy switch was plastic wrap. There are several different types of reusable or washable container covers and I have even found some handmade at our local farmers market using any cute fabric you can imagine. But if you just want to buy some, check THESE out.  Then for sandwiches and snacks, some reusable and washable bags are perfect to use for work or kids lunches. I also grabbed mine from a farmers market but THESE are so cute!


Here is our starter compost. Once it fills up a little more, it will move into the yard and out of the container but for now, this works and is great if you have a small space.


How adorable is the packaging for these toothbrushes?

And there you have it.  A few very easy baby steps into a more eco friendly lifestyle. Stay tuned for more