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Light fixtures

Since moving into the new house we have had so many comments on the great light fixtures. I can’t take any credit for those since we did not build this house but I did some research so I could give you all info on where to find similar items, especially if your “ballin on a budget”. Nothing gets me going like a good deal on a great item.

Light fixtures are important for a few reasons. One is obviously light (duh) and the others all have to do with the aesthetic it gives your home. My home is very open so the lights are focal points of each room and help tie the whole theme together.

I’ll start with the living room.

living room


I love these little galvanized metal fixtures. The metal stands off so nicely against the shiplap and they were one of the first things I noticed about this room. I found many similar but Lowes had the best deal as 1 fixture is just under $30!! Find it here

light two

In the powder room they attached two of the same fixture to a piece of reclaimed wood and TA-DA, it adds a whole new look. Four lights for under $150!

The dining room has a beautiful wine barrel light which is so popular right now.

dining room


Amazon had the best deal I could find for something super similar. $200 for a big light isn’t bad at all. Other sites had them listed for $400+ Find it on Amazon here!

Last but certainly not least is the kitchen. The two big pendant style lights over the island are not only pretty, but provide excellent light over the stove top when you’re cooking.


The closest thing I could find  were these.  I didn’t do any measuring but these are a little smaller than mine at 12in in diameter.  I would guess mine are about 18in. but depending on the size of your room either could work, or you could add a third. I like how the brushed nickel coordinates with the living room without being too matchy matchy.

So there you have it friends! Great lighting for the main part of your home for well under $1000!